15 Days of Prayer with Jean-Claude Colin

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15 Days of Prayer with Jean-Claude Colin

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    About the book

    Jean-Claude Colin (1790-1875) and some companions were not yet 30 years old when they decided to begin a religious family dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. The group would become the Society of Mary (Marists). Having experienced the turbulent French Revolution as children, they felt the need to proclaim that the Gospel had something important to offer people. Colin was convinced that in order to meet the needs of troubled and discouraged Christians, the Church needed to find a way to present the Good News with a greater sense of compassion and humility. Colin had a wide vision and field of action, sending missionaries as far away as Oceania. These meditations invite you to reflect upon the courage and selflessness that imitate the spirit of Mary and that continue to draw people to the Marist life.

    These extracts and commentaries are thoroughly up-to-date. They cover contemporary moral dilemmas, the revitalisation and renewal of the Church and the universal call to holiness, emphasising humility, self-denial and loyalty to the Holy See. It is also a close look at the Society of Mary and the religious practices of Marists. An ideal bedside book.

    John Irvine
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    About the author

    François Drouilly, is a French Marist priest who has worked principally in education and who spent six years as chaplain at the Centre of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes in Nevers. He has written on education and also on Saint Bernadette.