5 Steps to Great Parenting


5 Steps to Great Parenting

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    About the book

    After raising 5 children Rowley sat down and helped by his wife JoAnn, does a wonderful job communicating some very simple yet extremely important ideas for raising a family. As a result, his thoughts, intuition, and experiences unfold in a way that feel like a conversation around the kitchen table.

    Without being preachy or directive, Rowley shares telling insights with examples to help in your role as parents. He prompts you to think about exploring concepts in your family such as loving one another, making little things count, realizing that suffering has value, reaching out to one another, and learning from one another. The thoughts are illustrated with numerous examples often taken from Rowley’s own experience. On the one hand it may appear as plain, simple, common sense parenting. Taken on another level, it can be seen as a valuable philosophical reflection on the kind of parent you want to become and the values you want to instill in your children. In reading this book I hope you will discover that there is a joy in parenting that only self-giving can bring

    The Reverend Paul E. Lockey, Ph.D. Pastor
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church and Schools Houston, TX

    I read the book 5 Steps to Great Parenting, and I have to say what I liked best was the true simplicity of the message. I felt as if I were sitting in the Rowley’s living room while reading it. It contains concrete examples without pretending to have a picture perfect family. It portrayed real life.

    Monica Stanley

    About the author

    Tom Rowley has been married for 53 years, is the father of five children, and has four grandchildren. He, along with his wife JoAnn, are involved in family ministry in which they have facilitated many retreats for married couples and families. He has been an educator for over 38 years as well as a member of the Focolare Community for more than 36 years. 5 Steps to Great Parenting is his first book.