Chiara Lubich: Woman of Unity

LC 01/02/2024 Cover

Chiara Lubich: Woman of Unity

Living City January - February 2024 (Single Issue)
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40 pages
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LC 01/02/2024 Cover
    About the book

    Courage and Charisma An interview with Margaret Karram

    Chiara Lubich and I: A Reciprocity of Love By Hans Jurt

    Chiara Lubich and the Focolare Movement By Carlos Freire

    Mother Chiara and Dharma Principles An Interview with Phra Ajahn Suphan

    A Politics Based on Communion By Chiara Lubich

    The Attitude that Is Ours in Christ Jesus By Bishop Michael Mulvey

    “These teachings are essential to me as a Muslim.” An Interview with MujahidDeen Mohammed

    Remembering the First Encounter of the Jewish Friends of the Focolare by Carlos Barbouth

    They Are Us: A Lesson Learned with James Baldwin By Greg Garrett

    Excerpts from Laudate Deum

    The new apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis

    A Laudato Si’ reflection By Jacob Riyeff

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