Cube of Love Book


Cube of Love Book

The Right Way to Start Your Day
edited by
Clare Zanzucchi
Page Count
76 pages
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cover cube of love book
    About the book

    An illustrated book with a collection of real-life experiences recounted by or about children ages 5-13, sharing how they are trying to build a world of unity and of love through the “cube of love.” The book includes a detachable pattern of a mountable cube with a saying printed on each side, expressing the points of the Gospel-based “art of loving”: Love everyone; Love Jesus in the other; Be the first to love; Share the other’s hurt or joy; Love your enemy; and Love one another.
    “The Cube of love changed my life in so many ways. Now I do things because of God, not because I’m told.” Megan, 5th grade
    “The Cube of Love has helped me get along better with my little sister. My dad and I really love the cube. I think it is the best thing ever.” Andrew, 4th grade
    “I roll the Cube of Love because I want to live like Jesus did. By rolling the Cube of Love, you get closer to Jesus everyday. God’s love for you is great. The Cube of Love can help you to be a better person. I always use the Cube of Love.” Fowota, 2nd grade

    About the author

    The Focolare Movement, officially known as the Work of Mary, is now present in 182 nations, and more than 2 million people share closely in its life and work. It aims at spreading the message of unity worldwide. Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21), its goal is to promote brotherhood and to achieve a more united world in which people respect and value diversity.