Day by Day with Saint Francis

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Day by Day with Saint Francis

365 Meditations
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    About the book

    The infectious love of God that made Saint Francis into “God’s jester” leaps out from every page of this book. It entices the reader to change profoundly. Looking at Francis who lived in poverty and was utterly in love with Jesus Christ, Christian believers, followers of other religions and even those who declare they have no faith find they have something in common with him, something that stirs their sympathy.

    Passages taken from Saint Francis’s own writings and from the writings of others about him outline his spirit and make it possible to meet the saint as if he were standing next to you. His life, which re-founded a whole civilization, can do the same to anyone who meets him.

    After eight hundred years there is profound similarity between the people of Francis’s time and the people we meet along our streets: they have a hunger for something ‘more’ – an unease in the heart that the emptiness of pleasure cannot fill.

    These 365 days of meditations sing Francis’s example that living the Gospel in poverty of spirit is the most wonderful and the simplest adventure a person can embark upon in order to be happy.

    About the author

    Gianluigi Pasquale holds doctorates in philosophy and theology and is a professor at the Lateran Pontifical University in Rome, as well as president and professor at the Theological Study Center in Venice. He has published books on the letters of Padre Pio and on Saint Francis of Assisi.