The Future of Interreligious Dialogue

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The Future of Interreligious Dialogue

A Multireligious Conversation on Nostra Aetate
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    About the book

    Drawn from a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landmark Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate (“Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions”), this multi-perspec­tive collection of essays by the world’s leading scholars of theology and interreligious dialogue brings new ferment to the field of interreligious understanding.

    In addition to the editors, contributors in­clude (among others) John T. Thatamanil, John Borelli, Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Roger Haight, John Pawlikowski, Dwight Hopkins, Shira Lander, and Sallie B. King.

    Published by Orbis Books. Distributed by New City Press.

    This is simply the best study in any language of Vatican II's Declaration on the Relation of the Catholic Church to Non-Christian Religions, Nostra Aetate. Including essays by the most knowledgeable experts in the field of interreligious dialogue, the volume studies the history of the Declaration, its central teachings, and its reception, and presents responses by scholars of other religions. If you want to know where interreligious dialogue is going, this book is a sure and instructive guide.

    Peter Phan
    Georgetown University

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