Journey With The Fathers

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Journey With The Fathers

Commentaries on the Sunday Gospels, Year C
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    About the book

    Journey with the Fathers, Year C, is a notable series of helpful meditations on the Sunday gospels. It is the Greats of Christianity who speak, explaining the scriptures to you with their timeless clarity and profound wisdom. You will find this series useful whether you are meditating on the gospels, preparing a Sunday homily, or just interested in strengthening your spiritual life.

    Each Sunday Gospel is adorned with a reading from one of the early classic writers. The selection is appropriate not only for preparing homilies but also for prayerful meditation.

    The Bible Today

    A collection of homilies on the gospels for Sundays and the principal feasts which replace the Sunday celebrations. Special care has been taken in making the translations so they may be proclaimed effectively. There is a brief introduction to the life and ministry of each author included in the collection.


    This user-friendly compendium of commentaries on Lectionary C should prove valuable to all who thirst after a closer communion with God. The editor has skillfully selected appropriate commentary and sermon texts from such major patristic thinkers as Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, Origen, and Gregory of Nyssa, as well as passages from lesser known patristic and medieval sources... The brief biographical notes following each selection will be especially helpful to the general reader.

    Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt
    Grand View College of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA

    This fine collection of reflections on the gospel readings for Sundays will be of great value in both personal and public use. Imaginatively chosen, impeccably translated, relevant to today's world, the passages are taken from sources spanning the centuries from the third to the twentieth. They are timeless in their message and will speak to Christians of many traditions.

    Agatha Mary, S.P.B.
    Burnham Abbey, England

    Proclaimers of the Word would do well to add Journey with the Fathers to their collections of resource material. Augustine and Irenaeus are here, but so, too, are Thomas More and John Henry Newman. All providing sound and substantial insights into the Sunday and major feast gospels for an entire yearly cycle.

    Rev. Joseph M. Champlin

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