Polly’s Little Kite

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Polly’s Little Kite

The strength that comes from the cross
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    About the book

    Download Little Kite patterns to color and build!

    Little Kite is Polly’s beautifully decorated and colorful friend. When strong winds snap Little Kite’s string, he is forced to endure a long dangerous journey and the cross becomes his only support. Due to the strength of the cross, Little Kite is able to survive. Eventually, when he is reunited with Polly and her dad, he discovers healing and renewal. He is happy.

    Brian Maunder has been telling young children the story of Polly’s Little Kite for years, providing a rich landscape of images and words for discussing the profound paradox of the cross as a source of strength, the importance of sustaining one another in community, and the cycle of losing and finding what defines the life of a Christian. Polly’s Little Kite should be in the hands of every parent and teacher who wants to explore and share the mysteries of love, pain, hope and friendship with children.

    I read this book to my five year old daughter and she was completely gripped. She was enthralled by the journey and emotionally attached to the kite. The ending was a delight to her, 'Its the kite!' she squeaked. The bold original drawings communicated Brian's ideas so well, and I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading sweet, touching stories to their kids with a good Christian heart. Perfect, a modern classic.

    Joseph Cheetham-wilkinson

    Brian has written a delightful story with a simple yet profound Christian message. I suspect that children will enjoy reading it again and again.

    Fr. Dean Marin
    Parish Priest, Mount Gambier and Millicent, South Australia

    Little Kite doubted his own success, but after being made strong by his creators, Polly and her Dad, he sets off on an adventure over houses, trees, and dangerous seas. The books is a beautifully illustrated story about believing in yourself, staying strong and overcoming adversity. Polly's Little Kite is written in a style that can be read to and understood by younger children, or read independently by children from about 6 years of age. A beautiful book for young readers to enjoy.

    Narelle Picchianti
    Early childhood educator

    A brilliant and cleverly woven allegorical type picture book. It is a tale about a little girl, her dad and the little kite they make. At the centre of the story (and in the centre of the kite!) is the cross, which is at it's heart. Instructions for making a little cross kite of your own are included in the back. What's so good about this book is that it does really manage to convey in an easily graspable way how important the cross is to our lives. It emphasises how if we have the cross running through our lives we can survive many things, and how with the cross at the centre of our lives we can be resurrected and made new. What's more it does all of that without actually preaching, in fact it doesn't actually mention Jesus at all, just the cross running through the Kite-a brilliant allegorical tale that can even be used in any classroom or children's setting without fear.

    Melanie Carroll
    Good News Bookstall

    About the author

    Brian Maunder worked in sales and manufacturing for more than 15 years before making the choice to be a stay-at-home dad. Having enjoyed many years watching his children grow, he is now working in education. At work or at home, Brian has always been passionately creative in the areas of music and design. Polly’s Little Kite is his first children’s book.