Three Minutes for the Soul

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Three Minutes for the Soul

Reflections to Start the Day (7x4)
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    About the book

    Providing a month's worth of daily meditations, in "Three Minutes for the Soul", Dr. Gerhard Bauer offers help to start the day. He invites us to set out on a path that leads to ourselves and to others, while at the same time keeping an eye open for traces of the one who has placed in the human heart a desire for something more.

    Dr. Gerhard Bauer, former spiritual director of the Augsburg, Germany, seminary, provides us with mental anchors in his book Three Minutes for the Soul. His reflections are brief and to the point. Each reflection contains a single thought, a simple mental mooring upon which our minds can fasten amidst the storms of daily life. We live and work in time, but God has planted the timeless into our hearts (Eccl 3:11). Bauer's reflections keep our minds anchored in the Timeless One.

    Marc Foley, O.C.D.
    Author of A Season of Rebirth

    About the author

    Dr. Gerhard Bauer (b. 1941) was the former spiritual director of the Augsburg, Germany, seminary and is a popular lecturer and retreat master.