From Big Bang to Big Mystery

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From Big Bang to Big Mystery

Human Origins in the Light of Creation and Evolution
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365 pages
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978-1-56548-433-7 cover
    About the book

    Everyone knows about the ‘mystery’ of the Big Bang – what started it? This book is about the other ‘creation mystery’ – where did human beings, in particular, come from? It traces the material part of our origins from the Big Bang through evolution, including the almost 7 million year hominid sequence up to the first humans in Africa over 150,000 years ago. That data doesn’t seem to explain what paleontologists and archaeologists call ‘the Big Bang of Human Consciousness.’ In his fascinating, accessible and thorough study, renowned priest and academic Brendan Purcell shows the complementarity that scientists, theologians, and philosophers bring to a deeper understanding of the mystery of human existence and human consciousness.

    About the author

    Brendan Purcell is Adjunct Professor in the School of Philosophy at Notre Dame University, Sydney. Having studied philosophy at University College Dublin, theology at the Pontifical Lateran University Rome, and Psychology at the University of Leuven, he lectured in Philosophical Anthropology and Psychology at University College Dublin, retiring as Senior Lecturer in the School of Philosophy in 2008.