Children of Abraham: How Are We Getting Along?

LC COVER 2024-03

Children of Abraham: How Are We Getting Along?

Living City March-April 2024 (Single Issue)
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40 pages
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LC COVER 2024-03
    About the book

    Sacred Texts in Conversation by David Carlson

    Where Do We Go from Here? An interview with Professor Joseph Sievers

    By the Numbers By Carlos Freire

    Unity and Difference My Experience of Interfaith Encounter By Jon M. Sweeney

    Abraham’s Bridge An intentional interfaith neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska By Elinor J. Pierce

    Interfaith Relationships Lead to Engaged Citizenship By Kate O’Brien

    Loving Others An Islamic Perspective by Dr. Mahnaz Heidarpoor

    Help Is Always Near A Muslim Word of Life by Imam Michael Saahir

    Jacob and the Angel Disability and Divine Encounter By Greg Garrett

    The Foolishness that Saved Humanity By Chiara Lubich

    Imagining Myself in Her Shoes By Sr. Julia Walsh

    How Do I Prepare for Difficult Conversations? By Amy Uelmen and Michael Goldman

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