A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict - SET


A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict - SET

    About the set

    The work of Dom Adalbert de Vogüé, OSB (1924–2011) serves as the basis of all serious study of the Rule of Benedict. 

    The Set includes:

    • Volume 1: Overview
    • Volume 2: Prologue, Chapters 4, 6, 7 and 73
    • Volume 3: Liturgy, Sleeping Arrangements, and the Penal Code (RB 8-20, 22-30, 42-46)

    This translation is certainly a welcome addition to Benedictine scholarship on the Rule of Benedict and the Rule of the Master, by one of its foremost scholars. It represents a careful and meticulous, yet easy to read representation of the original. It is a work that needs to be in every academic library that takes up theological and monastic works and would serve monastic houses where the study of RB and its sources is undertaken beyond a cursory reading of introductions to the Rule.