The Great Challenge


The Great Challenge

Living a Love that Reconciles
    About the book

    Living Jesus's command to love one another will transform your life. We are not talking about a feeling-based or emotional love... and neither was Jesus. We are talking about an action-based love. A radical love that stretches the bounds of comfort and rational thinking. It's the kind of love that can change the world.

    Ryan has given us a practical guide to understand as well as to practice true spirituality

    Joe Tosini
    Founder, John 17 Movement

    According to Mother Teresa, the greatest poverty is loneliness. Relationships are fundamental to human life and wellbeing. Ryan Nunez's practical yet challenging book shows us how to improve and develop relationships and so fill our lives with "action-based love." 

    Bishop Peter Smith
    Portland, Oregon
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    About the author

    Ryan Nunez is the lead pastor at Palm Valley Church in Phoenix. He earned a PhD in materials science at Arizona State but, like his father and grandfather, always felt the call to full-time ministry. That call and passion for reaching people far from God led Ryan and his wife, Adrienne, to join three other couples in starting Palm Valley Church. Overt the last twenty years Palm Valley Church has grown to become one of the largest churches in the Phoenix metro area.