History, Hagiography and Hermeneutics in the Early Documents

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History, Hagiography and Hermeneutics in the Early Documents

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Joseph Chinnici, OFM
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    Regis Armstrong, Margaret Carney, Lawrence S. Cunningham, Michael Cusato, Jay Hammond, Marilyn Hammond, Wayne Hellman, Timothy J. Johnson, Daniel Michaels, Ingrid Peterson, William Short

    The four volume publication of Francis of Assisi: Early Documents is an indispensable resource for all who study Saint Francis and the religious communities and traditions he engendered. To facilitate this study among scholars, students and those simply interested in learning more about Saint Francis, the present collection of essays serves as an invaluable guide for the fertile theological and spiritual terrain of the Franciscan early documents. To read these essays is to gain a deeper appreciation of Saint Francis, his medieval context, and the numerous stories written about this "poor and humble man of God."

    This timely work, composed of essays by significant scholars in Franciscan theology, history, and hagiography, serves as a much needed beginner's guide.

    Joseph Chinnici, O.F.M.

    About the author

    Jay M. Hammond, Ph.D., received his doctoral degree from Saint Louis University. He is currently assistant professor of historical theology at Quincy University where he serves as the Director of the Center for Franciscan Thought.