Jesus Forsaken


Jesus Forsaken

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    About the book

    How could the Son of God feel forsaken, abandoned by the Father? How could the Father abandon the Son? This is the mystery that Chiara Lubich encountered at the age of twenty-four on January 24, 1944. Her discovery was disarming: “If at that moment he suffered the most, it means that at that moment he loved the most. Let’s make him the Ideal of our lives! Let’s go look for him and ‘console’ him wherever he is suffering — in any suffering.”

    A great love story unfolds chapter after chapter, reaching from ancient Jerusalem to your front door. The result is a personal invitation to respond, as Christians have done for two thousand years, to the cry that bursts from within the God-Man and rises up from all humankind, a cry that invokes love.

    The selection of texts and introductions throughout are a superb guide to understanding more deeply the Person Chiara described as the key to unity, Jesus Crucified and Forsaken. I will be returning to this valuable resource for my meditation again and again.

    Bishop Brendan Leahy
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    About the author

    Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) was born in Italy. An internationally renowned religious leader and writer, she received the Templeton Prize for the Progress of Religion and the UNESCO Peace Prize. She published over thirty books in dozens of languages with more than one million copies sold. She founded and presided the Focolare Movement until her death on March 14 2008. Chiara and her gospel-based spirituality have inspired millions. The Focolare Movement stands at the forefront of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.