Leaning into play, leisure, and joy

LC Cover 2024 July

Leaning into play, leisure, and joy

Living City July-August 2024 (Single Issue)
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LC Cover 2024 July
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    • Learning to Play Again Undoing and Non-doing that Opens Us to Linger, Gaze, and Laugh Again by Mark S. Burrows
    • Keep Holy the Sabbath by Amy Uelmen
    • Just for the Joy of It Prayer, Play, and Sports by Mark Longhurst
    • New Ways of Counting My Steps Walking for Pleasure and Communion by Lisa Hendey
    • Play and Pray Two Essential Elements of My Life as a Priest by Rev. Tyler Mattson
    • Traveling the Road to Civic Hope by Amy Uelmen
    • Batter Up Priests and Seminarians Promote Peace and Understanding on the Cricket Pitch by Justin McLellan, reporting from Rome
    • The Gospel according to Video Games by Jared Dees
    • Strangers into Neighbors The Power of Sharing a Solar Eclipse by Rev. John Mack
    • Less Doing, More Being by Joanne Ewald
    • Saint Mary of Magdala A Woman Who Loved. Apostle to the Apostles by Kayla August

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