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Library Edition
translated by
Boniface Ramsey
introduction by
Boniface Ramsey
edited by
Roland J. Teske, SJ
    About the book

    Revisions, like many of Augustine’s works, has a singular purpose. Composed in his old age, he reviews nearly all his writings, summarizing and correcting and even expressing regret. The Revisions is important not only for establishing the chronology of Augustine’s works but also for providing insight into his own thought and self-evaluation. The Latin title for this work is Retractationes and the Indiculum of Possidius is included in the Appendix.

    About the author

    Augustine of Hippo is one of the greatest thinkers and writers in the Western world. After becoming a Christian he was made bishop of Hippo in Africa, where he was influential in civil and church affairs. His more than 100 books, 200 letters, and 500 sermons have left a lasting impact on Western philosophy and culture. His classic and best-selling works include The Confessions, The Trinity, The City of God, and Teaching Christianity.