Victorine 4-Volume paperback set

Victorine Set

Victorine 4-Volume paperback set

    About the set

    This set includes:

    1. Victorine Christology - Victorine Texts in Translation
    2. Trinity and Creation- Victorine Texts in Translation
    3. Writings on the Spiritual Life -Victorine Texts in Translation
    4. Interpretation of Scripture: Practice -Victorine Texts in Translation

    Like the householder of the Gospel, the Victorines brought forth old things and new. We are the beneficiaries of those present-day scholars who make these nova et vetera available to a wide audience in fresh reliable translations.

    Lawrence S. Cunningham
    John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology The University of Notre Dame

    All of the introductions are a great help to those who approach the Victorine texts. Just as importantly, the translations are excellent... Even though a serious study of the Victorines and their methods demand facility with biblical and medieval Latin, nonetheless, these very good translations will get the reader as close to Victorine practice as is possible in English.

    Andrew Thornton, OSB
    Saint Anselm Abbey, Manchester, NH, The American Benedictine Review