Victorine Christology - Victorine Texts in Translation


Victorine Christology - Victorine Texts in Translation

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    In this volume, the editor, Christopher Evans, and his collaborators offer selections from works that formulate and defend that thinking and situate it in the context of other contemporary attempts to understand how Christ could be both God and man. Evans' introduction is a masterful summary of the place of the Victorines in the development of Christology during the twelfth century. In this volume, Hugh's thinking is represented by the Christological part of his On the Sacraments and his treatise On the Wisdom of Christs Soul, where he argues that Christ's human soul had by grace what his divinity had by nature. This is a theme that reappears in Achard's Easter sermon. The other texts translated here, the Christological section of the Summa Sententiarum and of Robert of Melun's Sentences, are deeply influenced by Hugh's Christology. Robert's text, hitherto unedited as well as untranslated, is a presentation and defense of Victorine Christology by someone deeply involved in the Parisian theological scene in the generation after Hugh. Robert's treatment was the high point of Victorine Christology.

    Like the householder of the Gospel, the Victorines brought forth old things and new. We are the beneficiaries of those present-day scholars who make these nova et vetera available to a wide audience in fresh reliable translations.

    Lawrence S. Cunningham
    John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology The University of Notre Dame

    The translation of the clear and often elegant Latin of the Victorines does the original justice

    G. R. Evans
    Journal of Theological Studies

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