What Does the Bible Say About Angels and Demons?


What Does the Bible Say About Angels and Demons?

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    About the book

    Modern western culture seems to find angels, demons, and even dragons irresistible. They are the topic of many books, films, and television series. A recent poll indicated that nearly eighty percent of people believe in such beings. But they are hardly a modern invention. Such creatures that go beyond time and space have been imagined for centuries. The Bible itself addresses the topic with various tales of angels and demons, and yes, even dragons. If you are intrigued about this background, this book is for you. It reveals how thoroughly biblical these creatures are, and what they can still teach us.

    This concise and well-written study leads the reader through a careful examination of relevant scriptural texts which underscore the roles of angels who continue to serve as reminders of God's presence in our lives. It invites the reader to consider the various manifestations of evil in our world today and explains the Church’s use of exorcism in dealing with evil. If your knowledge of angels and demons is limited to pop culture, this book is for you!

    Maria Pascuzzi
    Associate editor of Catholic Biblical Quarterly

    About the author

    Clifford M. Yeary served for many years as the associate director of Little Rock Scripture Study. He is the author of several Bible studies, including The Sermon on the Mount, The Eucharist in Scripture, and Scripture and the Rosary.