What Does the Bible Say About Education?


What Does the Bible Say About Education?

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    About the book

    What Does the Bible Say About Education invites readers to accept God’s invitation to become lifelong learners, an invitation embedded in the biblical narrative, embodied in the person of Jesus, and still relevant today. Bringing together biblical stories, historical context, and contemporary insights from scholars of education, this book demonstrates that we are surrounded by opportunities to learn.

    From local town halls to the halls of Congress, education is ever a major topic that impacts individuals of all ages. Well structured, accessible, and enjoyable for a wide audience, Gray guides the reader through the Bible’s key points on what makes learning necessary, as a society and among faith communities. With careful precision, Gray illustrates examples of teaching and learning with biblical figures and their lessons that remain applicable today.

    Timothy Milinovich, PhD
    Associate Professor Rosary College of Arts and Sciences at Dominican University

    If by “education,” you immediately think wearily of “schooling,” you will be surprised and pleased by the open spirit of this book. Dr. Gray has written an absorbing and lively study of the expert teachers, struggling students, and holistic instructional methods represented throughout the Bible … The pointed questions at the end of each chapter lead the reader into deeper engagement with the biblical stories and ideas. Highly recommended for adult formation groups.

    Annette Bourland Huizenga
    Professor of New Testament, Emerita, and Dean of the Seminary, Emerita

    About the author

    Allison L. Gray, Ph.D., is associate professor of Theology and Languages at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. A scholar of the New Testament and other early Christian literature, she is especially interested in how ancient authors thought about education and the ongoing role of texts in shaping religious people and communities.