Helping the planet… one tree at a time

A group of teens helps restore a forest

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Teens4Unity, Austria

Helping the planet… one tree at a time


A group of teens helps restore a forest

In our region, in the south of Austria, we wanted to do something about climate change. Locally, a type of bark beetle has destroyed many forests, so we decided to help with reforestation.

The Teens4Unity, together with our friends and neighbors, planted 2,315 trees to help farmers and forest-owners in the village.

We collected the funding for this project during a Sports4Peace tournament, held over the summer in Vienna. In fact, the theme of the event was “Fair Play Against Climate Change.” There were around 120 participants and almost 100 volunteers who helped organize the day. With the money that we collected, we were able to buy more than 2,000 trees, which we planted during our weekend.

One woman, who lives in the village, noted that many people who own local forests report damage from bark beetles. The trees needed to be replaced, and the people needed help. Additionally, there are many people who want to do something to combat climate change.

She thought of the Teens4Unity and said, “let’s come together,” and she organized the activity together with us. The woman was very happy when she saw how many of us came, and the weather was perfect.

Some of our friends planted trees for the first time, and everyone seemed to be very happy. People told us how much they enjoyed it, and that it was a new feeling to work together with so many.

We think it was a great project, and we’re all looking forward to the next one!

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