Skip movie hopping

How we enjoyed a movie night and supported a local theater

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Vernon Fernandes, Toronto

I’m from Toronto and I am in my second year of mechanical engineering.  

During the pandemic, we had to let go of a lot of things that we used to do with our group of friends, so when the lockdown was eased, we were looking forward to resuming some of our favorite activities.

The movie theaters in my area recently opened up, and my friends and I went to a movie. It was great, everything was good, but after the movie, they had the idea of “movie-hopping.”

If you haven’t heard about it, movie hopping is when you’re inside the theater; you pass the ticket counters, so after your movie, instead of exiting, you go to another theater that has a movie running, without having a ticket. My friends were about to do this, but I was thinking, “Hey, we paid for our first movie; we were very satisfied with it. And the theaters were just reopened. It’s probably hard to get back on their feet after the pandemic.”

We talked about it a bit, and I made the point that we probably shouldn’t be doing this to the theaters, because we were enjoying it so much and we could be turning these theaters out of business.

So all of us reconsidered movie-hopping and we bought tickets again and watched another movie. We supported our theater, and we had a good time without worrying. 

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