Reconciling with God--The Focolare Word of Life Podcast Experiences March 2024

In today's episode: 

00:00 Intro 

01:18 Reflection by Tom Rowley 

02:24 In the first experience, Liz Balzer from Long Island, New York shares about her effort to forgive her co-worker, and how in doing so, it played an important role in reestablishing a good relationship with her. 

06:24The second experience is by Johnathon Kelso from Atlanta GA who tells us about his reconciling with God through the sacrament of confession and how it brought about unimaginable fruits. 

13:17 In the last experience, JoAnn Rowley from Texas shares how she persevered in loving her husband’s grandmother and how this gave her great peace and joy. 

The Word of Life Reflection by Fr. Tyler Mattson.

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