5 Steps to Facing Suffering


5 Steps to Facing Suffering

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    About the book

    Suffering can strike anyone at any time – an illness or accident, a separation or divorce, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job. No one would suggest that you should seek out suffering. And, no one would say that you should love suffering. In fact, suffering is not a being and, therefore, cannot be loved.

    But, these five insights about suffering will help you consider the value of suffering in a new light. Guadagno shares stories of people who have lived through (or are still experiencing) suffering. She offers their examples of how to take a spiritual reality and put it into practice in a transformative way by: (1) facing the challenging question of why we suffer; (2) recognizing the presence of Jesus in people who suffer; (3) remaining in the present moment; (4) aligning yourself with Jesus who also suffered; and (5) entering into the suffering with an awareness of what’s on the other side. The wisdom of those who share their experiences here is a gift to anyone who wants to look at suffering with new eyes – in particular, with the eyes of a God who is Love and who chose to suffer precisely so that we could love one another more deeply.

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    Guadagno’s adroit use of real life scenarios gives meaning to suffering, which otherwise is inexplicable. She explores the spiritual dynamics of suffering: in the lives of several contemporaries, as well as in the life of the epitome of Goodness and Love, that of Christ Jesus, the One who suffered the most for the sake of the ones He loved.

    James A. Lee, M.D.
    San Antonio Psychiatrist, Addictionist, and Christian Psycotherapist

    About the author

    Geraldine Guadagno enjoys writings in a variety of genres for children and adults. Her books include Irene the Elephant, 5 Steps to Facing Suffering, and John of the Smiles.