The Choice of Jesus Forsaken

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The Choice of Jesus Forsaken

in the Theological Perspective of Chiara Lubich
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    About the book

    What does love for Jesus forsaken entail? What place should it have in the practice of the Christian life? The purpose of this book is to show that love for Jesus forsaken is an act of theological faith; as a consequence, it has ecclesial, sacramental, and social dimensions.

    In the first part the author analyzes what constitutes love for Jesus forsaken according to Chiara Lubich. She then tries to understand how the faithful can participate in this mystery of Christ by studying two authors of the New Testament, St. Paul and St. John. The author is Florence Gillet with an introduction by Piero Coda. Translated by Bill Hartnett from the book published in Italy by Citta Nuova.

    The gospels present many portrayals of Jesus: the one who heals, who forgives, who teaches, etc. With these being so familiar to people, it might seem strange to many to discern the "real" Jesus in the moment of his most extreme, personal and agonizing suffering. And yet that was the case for Chiara Lubich, when in 1944 she affirms Jesus as her "Ideal" in the moment he cried out on the cross to the Father, "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?". In this book, Florence Gillet unfolds for us in theological terms an understanding of this profound mystery of Jesus - the highest manifestation of God's love and mercy.

    Bishop Michael Mulvey
    Corpus Christi, Texas

    About the author

    Florence Gillet earned a doctorate in theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. She has published several studies on the spirituality of unity of Chiara Lubich, including 15 Days of prayer with Chiara Lubich, to be released in 2016.