Thriving Marriages 2nd edition


Thriving Marriages 2nd edition

An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Lasting Happiness
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    About the book

    Since our first publication of Thriving Marriages, we have given seminars on its content to over 300,000 people across the United States. Two areas emerged that needed further clarification and elaboration: how to make conflict resolution more effective and how to communicate our needs more clearly. As a result, we have rewritten Chapter 10: Solving Conflicts with Wisdom and Respect. The new chapter simplifies the conflict resolution process focusing on the role of Understanding, Validating and Acting, which we refer to as the UVA response. This type of emphathic response allows people to integrate their differences and transform the conflict into an opportunity to grow in their unity. The chapter also includes a new questionnaire which covers the skills required and can be used as a tool to engage in constructive dialogue.

    For those of you involved in Marriage and Family Life, Religious Education, and Adult Faith Formation ministries, we invite you to include this new edition of Thriving Marriages in your curriculum and ministries as well as our different audio formation materials that accompany it.

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    About the author

    John & Claire Yzaguirre

    For more than 30 years, John and Claire have offered education programs and psychological services that integrate contemporary psychological research and Christian spirituality of unity to promote thriving, resilient, and compassionate marriages and families. Besides their private practice in Irvine, CA, they offer their formation programs in family ministries throughout Southern California.