Augustine's Sermons Set (11 Volumes)

Sermons set 11 volume

Augustine's Sermons Set (11 Volumes)

    About the set

    The Full Set of 11 Volumes of the Sermons by Saint Augustine. This Set includes: Sermons Vol.1 (1-19),  Sermons Vol. 2 (20-50), Sermons Vol. 3 (51-94), Sermons Vol. 4 (54A-147A), Sermons Vol. 5 (148-183), Sermons Vol. 6 (184-229Z), Sermons Vol. 7 (230-272B), Sermons Vol. 8 9273-305A), Sermons Vol. 9 (306-340A), Sermons Vol. 10 (341-400), Sermons Vol. 11 (Newly discovered).

    “In order to grasp properly the originality of a truly extraordinary personality, it is recommended that one read the person's autobiography or memoirs; it is often in such writings that he or she is best revealed. In the case of Saint Augustine, it is clearly in his Confessions that we find the best key to him. Among his extremely numerous works…his Sermons to the People, which span almost forty years, are most effective in tracing for us the way in which he related to others. Before being a writer, orator, philosopher, and theologian, Augustine was a bishop for his people, undoubtedly the greatest our Church has ever known. And he has not yet finished teaching us.”

    Pierre-Patrick Verbraken, O.S.B., from the Forward to Sermons Volume 1

    The English reads smoothly and clearly. The sermons have helpful subdivisions in the contents as well as the text. Highly recommended.

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    A must for libraries

    Catholic Library World

    An excellent resource!