Chiara Lubich


Chiara Lubich

Prophet of Unity
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    About the book

    The New York Times called Chiara Lubich “one of the most influential women in the Catholic Church.” And she was even more than that. Her spirituality has touched millions of people worldwide from different Christian churches, religions and cultural backgrounds. On the 100th anniversary of her birth, this new biography traces Chiara's story and the story of the Focolare Movement during the momentous upheavals in society and in the Church through the twentieth century and into the third millennium.

    This biography aims at presenting Chiara Lubich's life and work from a “historical” perspective, offering the reader a rich and well-documented development of facts, situations and experiences.

    All who read Chiara Lubich: Prophet of Unity will find their own journeys of life and Faith reflected here – like a mirror that reflects to us the presence and the word of God.  Especially in our very fractured and politicized and polarized world, this work is a God-given and providential gift:  extending and bringing forth Chiara’s life as a “Prophet of Unity” in this challenging time.   

    From the foreword by

    Kevin W. Vann
    Bishop of the Diocese of Orange, California

    About the author

    Maurizo Gentilini, archivist at the Department of Human Sciences at the National Research Council, Rome, uses what he calls a "physical eye" (that of an objective outsider who uses best historiographical practices) as well as a "theological eye" (that of an observer willing to perceive the "finger of God" working in history) to identify the threads that he weaves together in this biography.