Civic Hope in a Time of Division

May June 2024 issue cover

Civic Hope in a Time of Division

Living City May-June 2024 (Single Issue)
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37 pages
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May June 2024 issue cover
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    Table of Content

    • You Have to Get Involved An Interview with Mary J. Novak by Sr. Julia Walsh, FSPA
    • I Will Listen How to Find Unity When Polarization Is the Status Quo by Jon M. Sweeney 
    • By the Numbers by Carlos Freire
    • “Agreeing to Disagree” or “Disagreeing Better”? by Kate O’Brien
    • How Is AI Impacting Democracy and Voting? by Joseph Vukov
    • Is Fraternity Truly a Political Category? by Maddalena Maltese
    • Can a Politian Be a Saint? by Igino Giordani (1894-1980)
    • Learning to See Indigenous Living Cities by Randy Kritkausky and Damian Costello
    • An Ancient Model for Encounter and Dialogue Today by Carlos Freire
    • Laudato Si’ The Focolare EcoPlan by John Mundell, Tom McGlynn, and Sarah Mundell
    • The Abbey Bells by Michael Boover

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