Sinodality: An Ancient Tradition for Today's Church


Sinodality: An Ancient Tradition for Today's Church

Living City September-October 2023 (Single Issue)
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    In This Issue:

    • Resuscitating the Church to Beat Passionately for Christ By Lawrence Chong
    • Towards New and Surprising Horizons By Carlos Freire
    • “I Think the Heart Leads” A Conversation with Bishop John Stowe
    • 5 Things You May Not Know about Synodality By Massimo Faggioli
    • Synodality By the Numbers By Carlos Freire
    • This Is the Journey of God’s People By Piero Coda
    • Are We Ready for Synodality A Conversation with Christopher White, Vatican Correspondent for NCR
    • Together in Unity Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit An Orthodox Perspective on Synodality By Rev. Nicolas Kazarian
    • Interview “Drawn to Disunity Like a Magnet” Fr. Paddy Gilger, SJ with Susanne Janssen
    • Mary: Pilgrim, Disciple, Leader By Tiziana Merletti, SFP
    • Happenings By Maddalena Maltese

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