Where To From Here?

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Where To From Here?

The Christian Vision of Life after Death
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    About the book

    If you’ve ever felt challenged as a Christian to say what you believe about life after death, you will find intelligent proposals here. Fr. Grogan’s deep knowledge of the current scholarship on subjects like judgment, heaven, hell and purgatory is matched by his skill at clearly presenting insights through stories and examples.

    This book begins with the idea that every inhabitant of this planet contributes to the shaping of God’s project – the life of the world to come – and it emphasizes that the relationships between God and ourselves endure eternally. Rooting everything in this sense of ongoing relationship, Grogan poses and responds to questions such as:

    • Could hell be empty?
    • Can knowledge of the future transform the present?
    • What will it be like to be fully alive?
    • What will we do in heaven?

    He also makes a clear call to engage with God now in transforming our present relationships, so that everyone may become more truly/fully alive. This is the Christian gift to the world.

    Eternal paradise, eternal torment… is there more to the Christian afterlife than these concepts? … Father Brian Grogan discusses questions surrounding the afterlife, exploring many ideas that aren’t normally presented surrounding the ideas of fate, our lives, and what ultimately lies ahead of us as human beings. Where to From Here is a fascinating read and addition to Christian and spirituality collections.

    The Midwest Book Review

    Fr. Brian Grogan, SJ takes a fresh and intelligently satisfying approach to such well-worn topics as the general judgment, heaven, hell, and purgatory … [He] offers a fresh and hopeful look at the Christian vision of life after death and is an excellent choice for group discussions on life after death.


    he next time anyone asks me about heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo, or anything related to what awaits us after our earthly lives have ended, I will recommend this excellent new book. Father Grogan’s approach is wise without being preachy, scholarly without being overly academic and hopeful without being naive. He covers almost any question that a Christian might have about the ‘last things’ and does so by taking those concerns seriously, answering them carefully and grounding them in Scripture and tradition. Highly recommended.

    James Martin, SJ,
    Author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

    About the author

    Dr Brian Grogan, SJ is the superior of a Dublin Jesuit community and Director of Sacred Space (www.sacredspace.ie), a website presented in 20 languages which enables 17,000 daily visitors to pray online. Fr Grogan is former President of Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin and is Emeritus Associate Professor of Spirituality. He works and writes on Ignatian Spirituality and is co-author of many books, including: Reflective Living, Love Beyond All Telling, and Meetings Matter. He is author of Finding God in All Things, Our Graced Life-Stories, and the best-selling To Grow in Love: A Spirituality of Ageing. He has also written numerous articles for The Irish Messenger and The Way.