My heart changed, too

How rolling the Cube of Love helped me to see a parishioner as a neighbor to be loved

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C. R., Texas

On Saturday morning, I rolled the Cube of Love and it came up “Love your enemy”—one facet of the Gospel-based Art of Loving. I wanted to put that phrase of the Gospel into practice that day.

Later I went to the polling station, where some neighbors were running for office. There had been a very ugly confrontation a few days before between two of the candidates.

I learned that one of them had not been seen since the day the incident happened. I had had various negative encounters with him and didn’t have a high opinion of him.

Later, one of the candidates who also seemed to cause a lot of conflict explained to me that the candidate who was missing had been admitted to the hospital with heart issues. As I was leaving the parking lot to drive home, I remembered, “Love your enemy.”

I felt God was whispering to me that I should drive to see him in the hospital. He was happy to see me.

I admit that my heart changed, too. I was able to visit with him for a while and offer him the Anointing of the Sick.

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